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DSC 501: Computer Applications

3 credits

This course presents detailed knowledge of how computers operate, how they support the firm or business, and finally how they are integrated into the processes that run a firm today. Students learn Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

Learning Goals

Upon completion of this course, the successful student will be able to:  Identify and understand the importance and application of information systems in functional areas of business. (Critical Thinking Skills) Understand how Information Systems are used to gain a competitive advantage. (Critical Thinking Skill) Describe a computer system and its hardware and software component parts. (Critical Thinking Skill) Learn how to objectively evaluate an organization’s capabilities and competitiveposition in order to make information system choices. (Critical Thinking Skill) Understand logical database design and the relational database model. (Critical Thinking Skill) Develop interpersonal and teamwork skills and the ability to make and execute a set of interrelated and interdependent decisions that affect the performance of the team as a whole and the participants as individuals. (Critical Thinking) Enhance writing and other communication skills through analysis and presentations of case studies. (Communications Skill) Describe the basic safeguards in computer and network security. (Critical Thinking) Become more aware of the importance of ethical principles, sound personal values and the need for socially responsible corporate and management practices. (Ethics)

*The learning goals displayed here are those for one section of this course as offered in a recent semester, and are provided for the purpose of information only. The exact learning goals for each course section in a specific semester will be stated on the syllabus distributed at the start of the semester, and may differ in wording and emphasis from those shown here.

Sections Offered: Spring 2022

Computer Applications
0207-501-001 K. Boyd Tue 6:00 pm - 7:50 pm Garden City 3
0207-501-060 T. Virgona Online 3

Sections Offered: Fall 2021

Computer Applications
0207-501-001 D. Skorin-Kapov Tue 6:00 pm - 7:50 pm GC - SWL 101 3
0207-501-060 K. Boyd Sep 13 - Dec 13 Online 3 Tutorial

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