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NUR 652: Psychopharmacology Across The Lifespan

2 credits

Students explore the major classes of medication utilized for psychiatric symptoms and disorders. Students learn the elements of history taking and the physical/lab work up, partnering with patients in choosing medications and the principles of ongoing medication management and discuss legal and ethical aspects of prescribing.

Learning Goals

At the end of the course the student will be able to:1. Articulate elements of medication history- taking and necessary elements of a baseline client assessment for initiating psychopharmacotherapy2. Explain the principles of psychopharmacology including pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic principles as they relate to the psychiatric client3. Analyze classes of psychiatric medications and neurochemical action including side effects, and age appropriate prescribing principles. 4. Explain considerations related to special populations such as Pregnancy, Child & Adolescent and Geriatric clients5. Describe dosages, areas of risk, drug interactions and health promoting interventions for major classes of psychotropic medications 6. Analyze steps in collaborating with patients for medication choice and understand principles of ongoing medication management safety7. Analyze factors that influence prescribing medication such as genomic-related efficacy, cost, need for monitoring, and potential concerns about adherence8. Demonstrate an understanding of prescription writing, documentation and legal and ethical issues related to prescribing psychotropic medications

*The learning goals displayed here are those for one section of this course as offered in a recent semester, and are provided for the purpose of information only. The exact learning goals for each course section in a specific semester will be stated on the syllabus distributed at the start of the semester, and may differ in wording and emphasis from those shown here.

Sections Offered: Spring 2022

Psychopharmacology Across The Lifespan
0302-652-001 TBA Tue 4:00 pm - 5:40 pm Garden City 2

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