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Internet Law & Ethics (COM-405)

Semester: Summer 2017
Number: 0108-405-001
Instructor: Mark Grabowski
Days: TBA
Note: This is an Online Course
Location: Garden City
Credits: 3
Course Meets: May 30 - July 17
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Students will examine many of the legal, policy and ethical issues raised by the emergence and dominance of the internet as a means for communication, commerce and social interaction. Topics include privacy, cybercrimes, intellectual property, government regulation and more. (Distribution Reqs:SS)

Learning Goals:   Students will:• demonstrate awareness of current topics in Internet law, and identify means for staying current• into the future. • articulate challenges to the law of keeping up with technological developments and globalization, and the limitations of various alternatives for dealing with those challenges. • recognize when they may have a legal issue when using the Internet. • apply and improve skills in writing and argumentation.

*The learning goals displayed here are those for one section of this course as offered in a recent semester, and are provided for the purpose of information only. The exact learning goals for each course section in a specific semester will be stated on the syllabus distributed at the start of the semester, and may differ in wording and emphasis from those shown here.

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