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Strategic Management (BUS-679)

Semester: Summer 2021
Number: 0204-679-001
Instructor: Joseph Colacicco
Days: Monday Wednesday 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Note: Online, Both synchronous and asynchronous
Location: Online
Credits: 3
Course Meets: May 26 - June 30

Restricted - Requires Specific Registration Approval
All Graduate Students Enrolled In A Capstone Course Are Required To
Participate In Any Assessment Activities Thatare Assigned As Part Of
The Course. See University Bulletin For Details. Course Will Be
Livestreamed Online On Mw From 6-8 Pm And Asynchronous Online On F.

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The course synthesizes and integrates the concepts and techniques developed in prior courses to construct a rational basis for developing business objectives and strategic plans. Case analysis and business simulation are used to develop understanding of the concept of strategic management. Cases are selected from a cross section of industries.

Learning Goals:   1. To develop students’ capacity to think strategically about a company, its present business position, its long-term direction, its resources and competitive capabilities, the caliber of its present strategy, and its opportunities for gaining sustainable competitive advantage.2. To build students’ skills in conducting strategic analysis in a variety of industries and competitive situations and, especially, to provide them with a stronger understanding of the competitive challenges of a global market environment.3. To give students hands-on experience in crafting business strategy, reasoning carefully about strategic options, using what-if analysis to evaluate action alternatives, and making sound strategic decisions.4. To acquaint students with the managerial tasks associated with implementing and executing company strategies, drill them in the range of actions managers can take to promote competent strategy execution, and give them some confidence in being able to function effectively as part of a company’s strategy implementing team.5. To integrate the knowledge gained in earlier core courses in the business school curriculum, show students how the various pieces of the business puzzle fi t together, and demonstrate why the different parts of a business need to be managed in strategic harmony for a company to operate in winning fashion.6. To develop students’ powers of managerial judgment, build their skills in assessing business risk, and improve their ability to create results-oriented action plans.7. To have students become more proficient in using personal computers to do managerial analysis and managerial work.8. To make students more conscious about the importance of exemplary ethical principles, sound personal and company values, and socially responsible management practices.Grading: Late submissions will be penalized. If absent, you are responsible for reviewing the coursematerials for the class missed.

*The learning goals displayed here are those for one section of this course as offered in a recent semester, and are provided for the purpose of information only. The exact learning goals for each course section in a specific semester will be stated on the syllabus distributed at the start of the semester, and may differ in wording and emphasis from those shown here.

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