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If you are enrolled in courses delivered in traditional or hybrid modalities, you will be expected to attend face-to-face instruction as scheduled.

American Sign Language I (SPH-521)

Semester: Spring 2021
Number: 0878-521-002
Instructor: Antoinette Sacchetti
Days: Tuesday 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Note: Online, Both synchronous and asynchronous
Location: Online
Credits: 3
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*Attention Students: Please note that the syllabi available for your view on these pages are for example only. The instructors and requirements for each course are subject to change each semester. If you enroll in a particular course, your instructor and course outline may differ from what is presented here.


Emphasis is on the development and expansion of receptive and expressive American Sign Language skills and finger spelling. Deaf culture issues will be emphasized. Placement in the course, other than the beginning, will depend on satisfying completion of the previous course or permission of the instructor.

Learning Goals:   Course Goals and Objectives:Reinforcement of the structure of ASL will be the focus in this level.Students will continue to gain confidence and be comfortable in communicating with a deaf individualinside and outside the classroom.Students will continue to demonstrate the importance ofusing facial expression and body language when signing.Students will continue developing effective signing habits through continuous usage of ASL vocabulary and illustrations of signs.

*The learning goals displayed here are those for one section of this course as offered in a recent semester, and are provided for the purpose of information only. The exact learning goals for each course section in a specific semester will be stated on the syllabus distributed at the start of the semester, and may differ in wording and emphasis from those shown here.

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